A Startup’s Guide to Engaging Customers with Live Chat

Customer engagement is essential to a startup’s survival. What exactly does engaging your customers look like? Simply put, customer engagement is the depth of the relationship a customer has with your brand. More customer engagement drives loyalty and increases revenue by keeping customers coming back for more and building closer relationships. But what’s the secret to engaging customers – especially with limited time and money? Live chat can be a great option for startups who are looking to get closer to their customers.

What’s new in Bleeper

We’ve been going bananas 🍌 for the last 30 days. We’ve focused on rapidly developing as many features and squashing as many bugs as possible. and we believe we have done a pretty decent job of it!

We’ve been chatting to a few of you amazing people over the last few weeks, trying to understand what’s needed the most, what’s not needed and what we should be focusing on in the next month. Thank you to everyone that provided feedback!

Understanding the UX Process with Tim Moad

For this show, I sat down with Tim Moad, an expert in user experience, who lives just north of Sydney, Australia. We discussed the entire UX process, various misconceptions about user experience in the market, how to use UX as a founder and various mistakes that founders make, when using or thinking about using UX, to help their business grow.

Why a clear content strategy is the key to your startup marketing success

You’ve probably heard it before: content is king. We know that text ranks better than any other form of content on Google. And yet, only 12% of companies feel successful in their efforts to strategically manage content, according to a recent report. Don’t let your startup be one of them.

How to Build a Sales Team for Your SaaS startup

SaaS unicorns like team message app Slack are so successful partly because they’ve been building a SaaS sales team that kicks ass. Slack captured 3 million paying subscribers and grew to become worth $7 billion in just five years. That makes Slack the fastest growing SaaS company ever!

But how did Slack go from zero to three million paying customers? Like many SaaS companies, Slack has a great product, which enables it to attract and retain a broad user base. But Slack also knows how to reach customers in the right place, at the right time.

Katelyn Bourgoin on the Importance of User Research for Startups

With 90% of Startups failing, it is important that we understand our customers’ needs in order to ensure success.

In this episode, we speak to Katelyn Bourgoin who takes us through the ins and outs of the Customer Discovery process and why it should be important to startups, founders and small businesses.

Positioning your SaaS startup in 2019

One of the most fundamental steps in getting your SaaS product off the ground is to ensure that you position it in such a way that you not only break out of the sea of noise that is the SaaS world, but to also clearly articulate who you are, who you are targeting and what your product is meant to do. Getting this wrong equates to endless hours of trying to convert the wrong people. However, getting it right can really bring about a momentum that is exciting, powerful and focused.