What’s new in Bleeper

What’s new in Bleeper

We’ve been going bananas 🍌 for the last 30 days. We’ve focused on rapidly developing as many features and squashing as many bugs as possible. and we believe we have done a pretty decent job of it!

We’ve been chatting to a few of you amazing people over the last few weeks, trying to understand what’s needed the most, what’s not needed and what we should be focusing on in the next month. Thank you to everyone that provided feedback!

Stripe Integration

Our Beta version of our Stripe integration is now live! By integrating with Stripe, you can now merge your Bleeper contacts with your Stripe customers. This allows you to view important revenue, subscription and value metrics for each customer within Stripe.

Furthermore, integrating with Stripe adds all Stripe customers as Bleeper Contacts for you to keep track of and to start conversations with.

Bleeper Stripe Integration Screenshot

Bots 🤖

We’ve launched our beta version of our bot 🤖 which is currently in a training phase. We will slowly roll this out to Startup and Early Stage users within the next couple of weeks.

The aim of each bot is to augment your sales, support and administrative flows. Bots are still a long way from truly being able to handle entire conversations automatically which is why we have built our bots with augmentation in mind. Our focus with the bots will be on how we can improve your communication by automating the repetitive tasks which allows you and your agents to focus on the stuff that matters the most.

Bleeper Bot Preview Screenshot

Podcast 🎙️ for Founders and Startups

We’ve started a podcast aimed at helping founders and startups learn everything they need to in order to break out from the noise within an ever-increasing competitive environment.

To listen to our podcast, subscribe using your favourite app:

Our latest episode has Nick chatting to Tim Moad about User Experience and why it is important for Founders. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

Twitter Integration

We’ve integrated with Twitter so that all direct messages to any account that you integrate with now show up as conversations in the Team Inbox. Simply head over to Integrations, select Twitter and link your account – it’s that easy!

New Team Inbox

We’ve overhauled the look and feel of our Team Inbox. The Inbox no longer feels like a support system, but rather a place where you want to have conversations and engage with your customers.

Facebook Messenger Integration

You can now link your Facebook account and link as many pages as required to your Bleeper profile. This will allow all direct messages to show up in your Team Inbox.

Data Enrichment

We’ve teamed up with Clearbit to provide you with comprehensive data enrichment for all your contacts within Bleeper. By linking with Clearbit, we can now provide you with in-depth details for each email address such as name, location, company details, revenue details, social accounts and more.

Data Enrichment

Improved Android + iOS apps

We’ve added tons of new features to our Android and iOS apps over the last month. Our biggest new additions to the apps are the fact that you can now use the Inbox and Contacts features within the apps.

We hope you enjoy the new features!

Please let us know what you think in the comments 💬 below.

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