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Why customers love Bleeper

They went above and beyond to help me. Being a supervisor on a helpdesk for a large insurance company, I totally appreciated their work. Their support team are such a great asset to the company. Seriously, please give them a bonus or raise as they truly deserve it.

- New York Life

I have tried several live chat tools for my photography website, to add customer support. None come close to the features this tool has to offer (honestly).

- Fontenzo

It really is a good tool to communicate with your clients in real time. Very easy to setup, easy to use and the support team are very efficient. Completely satisfied as a PRO user. Value for money.

- Wandervogel Adventures

I'm so pleased with the functionality of this tool. It has a lot of bells and whistles (I purchased the pro version)
that helped me impress my client. Even better yet though is the customer support. They were quick to respond to my questions with very thorough answers and solutions. Thanks guys!

- Off-Center Design

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