Selling in Real-Time with Live Chat

  • 01. What is selling in real-time?
  • 02. Why speed is key to growth?
  • 03. How to move prospects through the sales funnel?
  • 04. Tips for initiating the sale.

Generating enough high quality leads that convert into sales is the main challenge to growth that businesses face today. In fact 80% of businesses feel their lead generation efforts are only "slightly or somewhat effective"! So what can be done?

It’s time to rethink the lead generation and sales process and start selling in real-time.

01What is selling in real-time?

The aim of real-time selling is to make the online buying process as frictionless as possible. This is done by rethinking the lead generation and sales process and removing all unnecessary stages that in-effect act as hurdles to your prospects converting into paying customers.

The most effective way of achieving a real-time sales process is to replace slow and clunky web forms and emails with live chat - enabling your prospects to get instant answers to the questions they have right now!

The old process of a prospect completing a web form, then waiting a few hours (or days!) for a response from you, is ineffective and needs updating. By the time the business gets round to replying to the web enquiry, the opportunity is often lost (but we’ll discuss this more in the next section).

You may want to consider either replacing your web forms with live chat or at the very least, supplement them by adding chat functionality to your website.

Also, thanks to artificially intelligent and programmable chatbots, real-time selling can even happen when you are sleeping or out to lunch. Train one of these bots up and you’ll never miss a sales opportunity again, day or night. They can even be used to instantly qualify and route leads to the appropriate sales person or team.

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