About Us

Bleeper was created to help small businesses engage with the prospects and customers on their website

Initially, Bleeper started out as a WordPress plugin which quickly grew in popularity and now boasts over 60 000 active customers

In September 2018 we decided to take all that we had learnt from providing a highly successful WordPress live chat tool and applied it to the open market.

Bleeper was developed with the intent of making it easier for small business owners, customer support, sales and marketing teams to reach out to prospects and customers on their website at the time they were making the decision to buy or were in need of assistance of any sort.

Since Bleeper began development in 2016, a wide range of features have been added to its offering. For example, Bleeper live chat now comes with a multi-channel team inbox, allowing you to manage changes from a variety of social networks, email and your website's live chat tool, all in a single dashboard. Salesforce CRM integration has also been added to allow the growing business to stay on top of all customer interactions and support client/customer relationship building. The exciting addition of AI-Powered Chatbots was added in early 2019, making Bleeper a serious contender in the live chat industry.

Bleeper is managed and developed by a team of 10 individuals spread across the globe, in all major time zones. We have representation in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. Our main purpose for the forseeable future is to ensure that you, the founder and business owner enjoys a tool that helps you bring in more revenue and grow your business.

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