Good support doesn't just help retain customers,
it creates a fanbase of loyal promoters

Provide exceptional support for your customers with live chat.

24/7 customer support

Your support team are flat out or it is after hours, and customers are waiting for help - No problem! With our AI-powered chatbot, your customers will receive instant answers to their questions 24/7.

Train your chatbot to provide immediate and effective answers to your customer's frequently asked questions.

If the question is too random, the chatbot can pass it over to a team member.

Know who you're chatting with

Knowing who you're chatting with helps to provide far more effective customer support. Bleeper gives you insight into the incoming chats, such as their location and company information. Plus, your chats can be synced with your CRM, so next time they get in touch you can view the chat history. Now your customers won't need to repeat their queries, time and again.

Prepare for some pretty satisfied customers!

Support customers on their chosen channel

Customers are still customers even when they are not visiting your website.
By monitoring your social media channels as well, you can provide a much more comprehensive level of support.
This is now easier than ever, thanks to our Multi-Channel Team Inbox - you can converse with your customers
on their social channels and your website, all from a single dashboard.

Chat with customers
via multiple channels

More ways Bleeper live chat can help

24/7 support chatbots

Support customers even when you're sleeping

Team collaboration

Communicate with team via Bleeper

Customer Insight

Key information on who you are chatting with

Support Remotely

Chat on the go, via our IOS and Android apps

Quick responses

Store answers to frequently asked questions

CRM integration

Sync data between live chat and Salesforce

Don't leave your customers hanging!