Hit your sales numbers by making your
website work harder

Generate more qualified leads and convert these into sales with live chat

Generate inbound sales leads

Live chat lets customers ask questions and receive answers instantly. This provides you the opportunity to convert these web visitors into leads or directly into sales.

Our AI-powered chatbots can help out during busy periods and cover the night shift too!

AI-Powered chatbots can also be used to pre-qualify leads before passing hot prospects through to a sales person.

Proactively target online visitors

Generate even more leads by proactively initiating chats with hot prospects who've viewed key pages on your site or met your pre-defined rules.

Our AI-powered Chatbot can also proactively reach out to customers when your team are all busy or during out of hours.

Then route customers through to the checkout
or sales person for further development.



Sales Person

Sync customer data with SalesForce CRM

View past conversations with prospects to help close the sale or add current chat info to the prospects account in your CRM to facilitate future sales. Bleeper syncs seamlessly with your SalesForce CRM so you have a clear picture of who you are chatting with.

More ways Bleeper live chat can help

Generate leads

Receive inbound leads from web visitors

Convert sales

Route chats to checkout or sales person

Team collaboration

Communicate with team via Bleeper

Target hot prospects

Set rules to trigger chats for hot leads

24/7 support bots

Support customers even when you're sleeping

Sell remotely

Chat on the go, via our iOS and Android apps

Customer insight

Key information on who you are chatting with

CRM integration

Sync data between live chat and Salesforce

Never miss a sales opportunity again