Ninjaforms Integration

In order to link your Blips to a Ninjaform submission, the following steps need to be taken:



Create a unique Blip Key for Ninjaforms

First, head over to the Blip Manager in Bleeper in order to create a unique Blip Key for your Ninjaforms submissions. Once done, take note of the

Blip ID

and copy it to your clipboard.



Enable Ninjaforms

Within the Bleeper WordPress plugin, ensure that you have enabled Ninjaforms.
Add the Blip ID to the Blip Key input field.



Modify the Blip Message

The standard Blip message for Ninjaforms is set to “Someone contacted us recently”. You are able to insert dynamic tags in your Blip. The dynamic tags need to link to an ID of a field within the Ninjaform you are tracking.

For example: You could use the following as the message:
{5} just contacted us and was {9}
This would come out as
Nick just contact us and was very impressed

  • {5} corresponds to the Name field of this particular form (this could be different for all forms)
  • {9} corresponds to a radio input field for this particular form

To get the Field ID, please use Chrome’s DevTools (right click on the element and select Inspect Element)
The following should appear:



This will produce the following Blip: