Live Chat increases sales and
improves customer support

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Marketing, Sales and Customer Support - all love live chat

But more importantly so do your online customers

Attracting new online customers and keeping existing ones happy is business 101. Live chat is the best tool to help you do this.

Live chat lets visitors to your website receive instant answers to their questions. Don’t give your online customers the cold shoulder - offer them the ability to get in touch with you right now by installing the best live chat tool for your growing business.

Acquire Leads

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Bleeper offers the
industries best value live chat

We pride ourselves on offering enterprise level live chat features, but at a price that all businesses can afford. You’re welcome!

Benefit from the best live chat tools including, rule based chat targeting, AI powered chatbots, seamless integrations with your favourite website management tool, CRM or eCommerce platform, and much more.

Start a live chat with any visitor to your website

Not only can online customers reach out to you when they need answers to their questions, but you can also proactively reach out to them too!
If an online visitor has viewed a key page, spent a set amount of time on your website or met another engagement rule, you can set automatic chat triggers. Meaning you are targeting the hottest prospects on your site.
You can also manually start a live chat with any current visitor to your website. Drastically increasing the chances of converting them into customers.

Initiate chats with
prime prospects

Many communications channels, one Inbox

Live chat with your customers across multiple online channels, without ever needing to leave your Bleeper Inbox.

You’re customers are still your customers even when they are not on your website. Our Team Inbox integrates with Facebook messenger, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email and of course live chat. It is the perfect place to manage customer support tickets too.

Chat with customers
via multiple channels

Instantly see trending customer questions

One of the most insightful features in the Bleeper reporting suite is the Keyword Cloud. It automatically aggregates the most mentioned customer words and phrases that occur during your live chats with them. Now you can instantly see trending topics and quickly take appropriate action.

More ways Bleeper live chat can help

Generate leads

Receive inbound leads from web visitors

Convert sales

Route chats to checkout or sales person

24/7 support bots

Support customers even when you're sleeping

Chat remotely

Chat on the go, via our iOS and Android apps

Install the best live chat tool for your growing business